Financial Management System

Accounts Payable System

    Functions of Accounts Payable module will be asfollows
  • Define TDS rates for various types of bills.
  • Enter supplier's bill for material & services.
  • Make advance payments to suppliers.
  • Apply DR/CR notes to Bills.
  • Print payment vouchers.
  • Print cheque for payments to suppliers.
  • Print purchase Register.
  • Print sales tax Register.
  • Print Suppliers ledger.
  • Display / Print Bills pending for payment.
Account Receivables system
    Functions of Accounts Receivable module will be as follows
  • Sales / Service invoice.
  • Sales Return.
  • Debit / Credit note.
  • Receipt of payments.
  • Receipts falling due.
  • Aging analysis.
  • Reminder lette.r
  • Interest Loss due to late receipts.
General ledger
    Functionally of General Ledger :
  • Define account codes & account groupings.
  • Define Main Ledger Codes (MLC) and Sub Lédger Codes (SLC).
  • Define Expense Codes.
  • Define details of Banks of the company.
  • Enter Dr/Cr note.
  • Enter Journal vouchers.
  • Enter Expense vouchers.
  • Enter Bank-to-Bank transactions or Bank to Cash transactions..
  • Define TDS rates for various types of bills.
  • Post transactions to General Ledger.
  • Print daybooks.
  • Print expense analysis (MLC wise, SLC wise, Department wise).
  • Print Dr/Cr Note Register.
  • Print General Ledge.r
  • Print trial balance with and without supplementary entries.
  • Consolidate account of various divisions.